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Quarter Horse News April, 2012

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Western Horseman - Drive from Behind
by Kate Bradley
May 2012

QHS Insider June 2010

Casey Deary and Wimp Daddy. >

Nicole Deary after Casey’s Futurity run. >

Nicole Deary and Tagged My Chic. >

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Nicole shares how the pair met when they were 15 and both competing in 4H. “He had Reining horses and Stock horses and I had done the all around. We both did horse judging, and that was the extent of our showing. It was always my dream to go to an NRHA show or to qualify for the Quarter Horse World Show. I thought it doesn’t get any better than that.

We were friends a really long time. I moved away to school and moved back. I ran into him at the Paint World Show in 2000 and he was working for Clint Haverty. Casey had been in an accident when he was 16, and he had 8 of his front teeth knocked out. He went without those teeth for 3 years. We dated when he had no teeth, and I wouldn’t kiss him.” Casey chimes in “That was the longest year of my life!” Nicole continues, “Then we were married in 2002, we were running the business and I had a job. After 3 years we had Wyatt our Short Stirrup son, followed in 2008 by our second son Owen.”

Casey will tell you that he is part of Nicole’s business, not the other way around “She does all of the office work, all the billing, entries, hotels, and contacting clients about the show schedule. The pair juggles 55-60 horses at home, 30 of which are in the show barn, as well as training clients that haul in for lessons and meet up with them at shows, many of them Non Pros. We take about 25-30 horses to our local shows and half of those are haul-ins because there really isn’t anyone in our area that will let them take a $40 or $50 lesson and then give them help at the horse show. There are a lot of people out there who can’t afford to keep a horse in training, and I’ve got to make sure that they have the availability to get the help and be able to go to a show.”

Nicole’s philosophy is all or nothing “I am competitive and I take it really seriously. I go to the shows 90% of the time, we go as a family and I love that. I don’t get to show very often. I think I showed 3 times last year, and this year Reining By The Bay and here, and this will probably be my last one. Now that I’m pregnant and the baby is due in March, this is great timing for me.”

Both Casey and Nicole’s parents became involved in horses after their children did. The mare Tagged My Chic was actually bought for Nicole’s mother “We bought her from the Schmersal’s, Ginger Schmersal’s father raised her. We found her in November before the Futurity, and my mother said that she would like Casey to train her and finish her, and then my mom would get to show her as a 4-year old. I started riding her before Reining By The Bay, and took her there and won a Novice Horse Non Pro class there, my mother showed her in Ft. Worth in all 4 divisions and marked a 211.5 and won $1,800. It was a real thrill, my mother had never scored that high.” Casey who coaches his mother-in-law adds, “I was in shock.”

The game plan was for Nicole to get the mare in the pen and then her mother would show her in the Non Pro Derby. “I schooled her and marked a 71.5, so I entered everything in the Non Pro classes. The mare is very true, very honest, and she doesn’t take one step without you telling her. She doesn’t have any cheat in her, and she stops really, really big. “ The strategy paid off and the pair marked a 147.0 to win 3 out of 4 of their classes.

On the other hand, Wimp Daddy, Casey’s Futurity horse came to him by way of Mexico. “We got him in late January of his 3-year old year. It was a miracle that he survived the quarantine (in Mexico) without a scratch. The owners were customers of mine for several years and I coached their son. They called me and asked if I would take this horse. He came, wasn’t scared and does a lot of nice things, so the horse fits me really well. The initial plan was for the son to get to show him, so I told the son that I was going to break his legs if he tried to take the horse! They laughed. They are very pleased to see him be so successful in the Open. I’m just going to school him a couple of times before the Futurity, and then let him rest and get strong.”

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